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Pronto Software

Pronto Software
20 Lakeside Dr
East Burwood
Vic 3151
Ph (03) 9887 7770
Fax (03) 9887 7779

Pronto Software is an award winning Australian provider of easy-to-use and quick-to-implement ERP software. Pronto Software’s flexible and highly scalable ERP solution, PRONTO-Xi, delivers unparalleled visibility and control of the entire supply chain from manufacturing, distribution and service through to retail. Pronto’s latest product, PRONTO-Xi Dimensions is the industry’s first ERP solution to embed IBM Cognos 10 Business Intelligence out-of-the-box enabling faster, smarter decision making for businesses.

With more than 1,200 customers all around the world, Pronto is focused on delivering practical and innovative business technology, enabling its customers to improve their profitability. Pronto’s local R&D and support deliver the best and latest ERP technologies and compliance with specific legislative and industry requirements.

Pronto’s clients are some of Australia’s most dynamic companies such as Funtastic, Kathmandu, Meyer Cookware, Norfolk, Anvil Mining and Wallace Bishop Jewellers.


PRONTO-Xi offers broad application, deep functionality and a strong base from which to achieve an accelerated return on investment. PRONTO-Xi enables businesses to achieve strategic and operational excellence by providing the tools to increase productivity and lower costs.

Pronto also provides customers the option of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, where Pronto manages the maintenance and upkeep of the IT infrastructure and critical applications, delivering strategic value and business benefits for growing companies.

Branch offices

North Ryde,  NSW
Contact: Peter Dickinson
Phone: (02) 8875 3033
Level 4, Bldg 1, Binary Centre, 3 Richardson Place
North Ryde,  NSW,  2113

Milton,  Qld
Contact: Steve Hillyard
Phone: (07) 3377 1177
Level 1, 189 Coronation Dr
Milton,  Qld,  4064

Products / services



PRONTO-Xi, the flagship ERP solution from Pronto Software is a fully integrated, powerful and scalable system tailored to suit individual customer needs and business processes.

Pronto’s latest product, PRONTO-Xi Dimensions creates greater access to knowledge, enabling customers to innovate and differentiate. The first of its kind in the industry, PRONTO-Xi Dimensions combines our robust transactional ERP applications with IBM Cognos 10 Business Intelligence, giving users the ability to run their business efficiently and extend data to actionable insights. By embedding Cognos 10 out of the box, BI is made easy and companies can start reaping the benefits immediately.

PRONTO-Xi stores and manages a company’s vital information, controls and plans the flow of activities and provides crucial information for decision making.

The breadth and depth of functionality ensures that you have a system that will match the needs of your growing organisation and is scalable to accommodate your future needs. PRONTO-Xi’s infrastructure relies on proven components designed to minimise downtime. It is a secure, robust system, which is easy to implement, providing a solid base for a low Total Cost of Ownership.

PRONTO-Xi Financials

PRONTO-Xi Financials forms the backbone of the ERP system and consolidates the diverse activities of your organisation into a single financial control centre. Financials provides the tools for managing your cash flow and gross margins while offering a high level view of your Key Performance Indicators.

PRONTO-Xi Financials includes Business Dashboards highlighting relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) applicable to each aspect of the business. With PRONTO-Xi Financials, you will have immediate visibility of your business operations and the outcomes that contribute to your bottom line.

Asset / Service Management
Cash Management, Integrated Accounting/General Ledger
Costing / Project Management
Debtors & Creditors
Planning & Forecasting
Payroll, Human Resources & Training
Reporting, Business Intelligence
Sales / Contact Management
Supply Chain Management
Customer Relationship Management
Enterprise Resource Planning

Construction & Engineering
Wholesale, Retail & Hospitality
Transport & Logistics
Finance & Business Services
Small Business
All - general purpose

MS Windows
Sun OS/Solaris
IBM/Oracle/Microsoft databases

Electronic and Internet Commerce
Project Management
Software Development
Systems integration

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